Low no. 26 /April 24 th, 1996 -Silvic Code
This law contains dispositions concerning the way in which forest fund and vegetation are to be administered and taken care of, specifications on protection and guard of forest fund both public and private, on the way in which wooden material is to be exploited and penalties in case violation of the code.
Government Decision no. 173 / January 18 th, 2001 - Reorganization of National Forest Association
This decision defines the status, the purpose and object of activity, competence and patrimony, organizational and functional structure, the leadership of The National Forest Association. The rider contains the list of the sub-units.  
Low no.103 / September 23 rd, 1996 - The law concerning the cynegetic fund and game protection
The law contains broad dispositions regarding the management of the cynegetic fund, regarding game protection, hunting regulations and penalties for poaching. The law has two riders, one of them contains hunting seasons and amends quantum in case of violation and other one enlists game species not to be hunted and amends quantum in case of violation.  
Order no. 572 / September 10 th , 1991 - Regulations concerning time limits, harvest ways and periods, transport of wooden material from forests
The order comprises data concerning autorization of forests operation, handing over and getting back the cutting areas, rules regarding wooden material operation, cleaning of cutting areas after operation, there are rules concerning the checking of sylvic staff and a rider containing felling periods and timelimits.  
Low no. 137 / 1995 - The law of protection of environment
The law establishes principales and rules for economic and social activities which have an impact on environment, instructions regarding the protection of natural resources the protection of waters, athmosphere, ground and underground. The terms protected area and natural monument are defined. The law comprises two riders one of them explaining certain terms to be found in the above mentioned law and the other one enlisting the activities to be subject to the evaluation of their impact on environment, to get an environment permis.  
Government Decision no. 971 / December 29 th, 1994- States and penalizes trespasses of norms concerning fishing and the protection of piscultural fund.
The Decision of the Romanian Government defines trespasses and indicates penalties quantum.
Government Decision no. 735 / October 21 st , 1998 - Regulations concerning checking of wooden material circulation and of equipments for transforming circular wood.
The Decision of the Romanian Government approves of the above mentioned regulations and of their bringing into operation by the sylvic staff supported by policemen authoritier of Ministry of Transport and local authorities.
Low no. 31 / 2000 - The Law states and penalizes sylvic tresspasses
The law contains principles concerning penalties against sylvic tresspasses.


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